Susan M Leong Senior Graphic Designer

Welcome to my website! I am a Finnish designer with around 20 years of design experience and now I’m based in Thailand. Whether you need help with your web design, web banners, video edits, photo editing, brand visuals, small or large print products, motion graphics, branded merchandise, etc. just reach out to me! I communicate both in FINNISH and ENGLISH languages.

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Print Designs

Ads, stickers, posters, business cards, leaflets, booklets, magazines, catalogues, product labels, packages…


WordPress and HTML5 websites structural and visual design, installation, building, and maintenance (webmaster).



Stickers for social media e.g. Instagram stories, GIF animations, HTML5 or GIF animated web banners, 2D animations, AR content and web presentations.



Creating not just logotypes or logomarks but larger-scale visual guidelines to keep Your brand framed and implementations safe for various usages safe and easy.


Video editing, motion graphics, video presentations, AR content and video ads and commercials.


Brand apparel and business gifts branding, window stickers, exhibition and booth designs, photo editing and retouching, illustrations…

I’ve worked with

Just some of the brands I have been working on.
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Frequently used

the usage percentage at the moment according to most current projects

  • Wordpress 100% 100%
  • Adobe Photoshop 100% 100%
  • Adobe Indesign 60% 60%
  • Adobe Illustrator 40% 40%
  • Adobe Lightroom 100% 100%
  • DaVinci Resolve 82% 82%
  • Adobe Premiere 30% 30%
  • Adobe After Effects 10% 10%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 100% 100%
  • Google Web Designer 100% 100%
  • Adobe Fresco 20% 20%
  • Adobe Acrobat/Distiller 60% 60%
  • Motion 5% 5%
  • Final Cut 5% 5%
  • Adobe Animate 30% 30%
  • Figma 54% 54%


My career as a timeline with some random highlights.


Present. Honoured by a large-scale and long-term collaboration with RYHMÄ Creative Agency and the other danish guy in addition to many other clients and projects globally.

MTV Uutiset

Graphics and illustration production in the broadcast company's newsroom.

Valve Group

Marketing and communication agency. More significant projects were mainly in the international B2B sector —also bulk projects with local well-known consumer brands.

Faster Horse Oy

Advertising agency projects, mostly digital.

Mainostoimisto Konsepti Oy

My longest employment relationship was in Helsinki's well-reputed advertisement and marketing agency. I started as a multimedia designer by creating motion graphics and video presentations for big global corporations and national state agencies. Also websites, banners and general digital graphics and animations.

Some highlights from those years in addition to amazing workmates and clients was a project about the UN exhibition in New York, designing its interior and digital visuals.

Also be sent to the creative agencies alliance's annual workshop and contest held in Bratislava to work with international teams for a globally well-known brewery brand.

During these years I was also rewarded as an employee of the year.


Various clients from different sectors. I designed packages, websites, furniture brochures, shop exterior branding, office interior branding, logos, window tapings, and a game UI for example.


Biggest advertising agency at that time. Worked mostly in Nokia teams, both in print and digital side. Phone package layouts and web graphics and content management. Illustrations and animations.

Machine Tools

In-house webmaster and graphic designer. Product catalogues, newspaper ads and selling materials. New key visuals and refreshing the brand by creating visual guidelines.

Edita Oy IT Press

Marketing assistant, designed exhibition materials, product catalogues and newspaper advertisements, and also brand visuals for both digital and print materials.


Pre-print production, layouts and graphics design.

Glimpse of some works

Some snapshots of various projects. To maintain a relatively lightweight page, animations and edits are presented as static images here. And naturally, all webpages were made responsive, i.e. mobile device friendly. Swipe on!

PS. I have a Showcase of my motion graphic animations and edits in Vimeo.
Ask for URL and password!








Kind words

"I recommend her with full confidence if you are looking for a hard working designer who is capable of maintaining quality even when schedules get tight."

Anitta R.

Head of Digital Production

“Susan is a dedicated and skillful designer, always up to date with the latest applications and willing to find out new solutions. A hardworking and helpful team mate, always a pleasure to work with."

Sari H.

Production Manager

“Susan is all-rounder designer and can produce whole palette of marketing and brand materials starting from visual business identity and ending to digital and printed media, large-scale or small-scale – but always on time."

Cemo T.


“Her reliability is not just keeping the schedules. She has ability to understand technical enhancements in different formats. To design layouts and ideas in a format that is easy to tell and sell. In more than 10 years we have been working with several international and domestic clients, and I never had to give promises that we couldn’t keep."

Marko L.

Art Director

“Very diligent and dedicated to her work, thanks to her positive spirit and kind personality. Nice colleague to work with."

Pia L.

Project Manager

“A very nice and talented person – and excellent work!!"

Esa H.

Digital Media Director

“I worked with Susan on a variety of web projects and she was both quick, creative and detail oriented. She also has a wonderful sunny personality to complement her professional skills, so I would gladly employ her for any project in the future."

Anna K.

Copywriter & Project Manager

“Susan is a reliable worker who has a visual insight for Web design."

Juha O.

Development Director

In person

Few lines about me. I was born in Finland as a Malaysian citizen. Then when I started school I got Finnish citizenship. So I guess I have a relatively positive and broad perspective of the world, its variety of cultures and people. After my offspring had flown from the nest, I found this job opportunity at IGLU and decided to follow my lifetime dream, and in 2016 I moved to South-East Asia. Juggling between work and my leisure passions has been easy to accomplish here.

Susan M Leong

As a counterbalance to this work, I’m a passionate scuba diver and love to take underwater photos. I just simply love being underwater! I also like beach walks, racket and ball games, Thai boxing and such kind of exercise. Environmental sustainability has had a big impact on my life too. Since my social and professional networks are globally spread, I keep my visual diary on INSTAGRAM – check it out and see what’s happening around me underwater and surface while I’m not working.

Collaborating process

I work in a Thai company, and things couldn’t go much easier — usually all we need to do is:



I will add your company and project person along with contact and billing details into my employer’s system under my account. 



After the project is done, I request the invoice from our accounting team according to what You and I have agreed upon. I approve the invoice and send the PDF to You.



Finnish clients are able to pay in EUROs, to our IBAN account. I prefer a maximum of 14 days term so there would be enough time to transfer the payments to the local (Thailand) payroll.


Time zone and Hours

Kindly notice that Thailand is ahead of Finland by 4 hrs in the summertime and 5 hrs in the wintertime. This is such a great advantage – if used correctly.

Meet Up

As Phuket is a well-known and easily reachable holiday destination, You may as well catch me up while visiting here! Let’s meet for a cup of coffee or keep a workshop in one of Phuket’s fine co-working places! I might be visiting Finland sometimes too, should be the summer season.


Pick one


Please fill out THE FORM BELOW for me. Include a short brief about your case. Then we can then continue from there, in a way that suits both of us considering the time zones and pace of the project.


You can naturally catch me on LINKEDIN as well. And apart from my work, just for fun, here’s my visual diary on INSTAGRAM.

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